AboutHello, Pleased to meet you!


My name is Penni and I’m a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer from Bournemouth, Dorset.  I have been happily shooting weddings for around four years now, and I enjoy shooting alongside my trusty team of assistants – especially my main second shooter Arturas, who is also my boyfriend of 5 years. Not only do we shoot weddings together, we also teach salsa dancing too, so you may even see us have a quick shimmy on the dancefloor at the end of the night before we head back home!

I love to shoot weddings in a relaxed, documentary style– to capture the big moments, the small moments but most of all, the genuine moments. bring into the spotlight those lovely candid moments that can often go un-noticed. The grandmother’s assuring hand on the groom’s shoulder. The flicker of excitement and sweet anticipation in the bride’s eyes. That kid who poked and nibbled the icing before the cake was cut. The bittersweet toast to absent loved ones. That mutual ‘I will love you forever’ look you give at the alter. Each small moment like this, is worthy of being captured in an expert and thoughtful way.

Oftentimes you’ll find my style referred to as Fine Art Photography. This means that we feature natural photos with an air of romance- soft, light and airy feel and a timeless touch.

Our signature style found in combining these attributes to a documentary genre, which means we capture the day as it happens. There are minimal posed photographs, and a big focus on authentic moments.

Our clients commend us for our storytelling approach. You know when you view a photo and it transports you back into the moment so profoundly that you feel every ounce of joy and love exactly as it happened- that’s the power of story. I am proud and honoured to use my creative skills for such a meaningful purpose as this.

By the time your wedding rolls around, we will know each other a fair bit.  For now, I will leave you with a couple of bullet points that sum me up rather well. I hope you enjoy looking around the site. If you’d like to cut to the chase and get in touch already, then that’s brilliant, I can’t wait to meet you. Click here to get in touch.

* Extroverted introvert. I love chatting to anybody about anything!  and after, I retreat into my pyjamas and enjoy watching FRIENDS reruns or my favourite movie, How to lose a guy in 10 days!

* Plant enthusiast  

* Fair-weathered hiker

* Fluffy blankets   

*  Salsa Dancing. Exercise without feeling like exercise. You can’t lose

*SUNNY HOLIDAYS! With spf 50 and trees for shade where I will sit under for the entire holiday

*  Cozy nights in with a good book and a cup of tea. Perfection.

*For a sneaky treat, I’ll take a Caramel Latte with an extra pump of syrup